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Rtn Ashok Gadgil

I have to share following with you.

We can not forget Roopali sister of vaishali I do not know which is elder amongst them. When I was in BMCC hostel since 1968 the name of Vaishali was Madras Health Home and of Roopali was Madras Cafe. In those days cup of tea was 10 paise in aishali and 15 paise in Roopali. Naturally We used to visit Vaishali often My friends use to tell me that you have no worry of south indian food on right is Vaishali and on left is Roopali.

Both hotels had a katta to sit outside.We used to sit outside on katta till we feel hungry in eve. By the way Sharad Pawar past Bmcc student was fond of these Kattas. He once mentioned in our college gathering speech that students should make a habit to sit on these kattas if they have to rise in their lives. Many issuse are experienced on these kattas which are of help in future.We used to call these kattas as fukattas as there was no charge for sitting on these.

For me Hotel Vaishali is like Big B - Mr.Bachhan because everyone from all age groups (from a kid to grandparent) loves it as they all like Mr.Bachhan. You will find senior citizen groups, ladies bhishi groups, kids birthday parties, family parties, youngsters' hangouts and ofcourse some big shots enjoying vaishali dosa and spdp. I am sure I will always love to go and have dosa in vaishali till the last day of my life.